In this exciting podcast with the well-respected Jon Robert Quinn, Tapan Trivedi will discuss his how he came to America from his third world birthplace of India and how he got started in real estate. He discusses the success and failures of various real estate training programs and how he has designed a “What’s My REI?” test to help you discover what kind of investor you are so you can be one of the success stories, not one of the failures.

Tapan discusses why he decided to get into real estate after arriving in America. He will tell you how real estate can change your life and take care of you for the rest of your life if you give it 5-7 years of hard work. The best start you can get in real estate is to go to a meetup. Tapan hosts his own meetup at the DoubleTree in Sacramento. It is only a few dollars to attend and you can find more info about that Here.

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Part 2

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Part 4


Build Your Kingdom Today — 3 Day Training & Bus Tour

August 23rd – 25th in Sacramento

Join Real Estate Expert and Investor Tapan Trivedi as he takes you on a journey of how Real Estate Investments can change your life.


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