How It Works

Sacramento Real Estate Investment Club has many meetings throughout the month. Our Main Meeting is on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month. Our locations are varied

We meet at:
DoubleTree Hotel at 2001 Point West Way,
Clunie Center at 601 Alhambra Blvd,
Kupros Craft House at 1217 21st St for Lunch and Learns.

You’ll meet like-minded people who are at every level in real estate investing – from professionals to newbies. Meet local contractors, money lenders, wholesalers and more. Every month we have a speaker on different topics involved with real estate investing which vary from sales skills, marketing, asset protection, flipping, managing service professionals, and more.

First 30-40 Minutes

Come early for NETWORKING

Hour and a half of education

MAIN MEETING (including market updates, live investor profiles, a one-hour speaker presentation, and much more)

Take Down and More Networking

Stay after for MORE NETWORKING


Check the meeting info to see which location we will be at.

DoubleTree Hotel

2001 Point West Way,
Sacramento, CA 95815

Clunie Center

601 Alhambra Blvd,
Sacramento, CA 95816

Kupros Craft House

1217 21st St,
Sacramento, CA 95816

Who You’ll Meet

Tapan Trivedi

Pricipal, Capital City Wealth Builders

Being born in a 3rd World country like India didn’t stop Tapan Trivedi from succeeding. Growing up poor taught him the lessons he needed to learn at an early age. Starting a job delivering tea at 7 years old while still attending school he learned the meaning of hard work and perseverance.

Upon arriving in America and finishing his Masters Degree he realized that his newfound home had a lot more to offer than just the boring corporate job he was doing. Even though he had a cushy corporate job he quit it to do something more worthwhile for himself and his family.

Tapan quit his job and started investing in Real Estate full time. He got an opportunity to run the largest REIA in Sacramento and has more than quadrupled its size since running it.

Tapan has gone to become a Multimillionaire Real Estate Investor building an impressive portfolio all the while educating students on the same techniques that made him successful.

Check us out

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