7 Mistakes Every Sacramento Investor Should Avoid

Ever wish you had the benefit of someone else’s mistakes? Are the people who you follow not able to distill their advice to your situation? Spend 15 minutes learning from my mistakes rather than making your own.

I Made These Mistakes So You Don’t Have To

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Smart People learn from other people’s mistakes. I was not smart enough to avoid these mistakes but now you can be. Learn from mine and avoid these mistakes that I have made investing in Sacramento.


Know your dividing lines for neighborhoods - but which ones?


Where to invest for Cash Flow with Low Risk and where the Risk for flips increase?


Do you have the deal of the century or a dud?


Mistakes I made as a Landlord that you should avoid

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The 5 SECRETS You Must Absolutely Know Before You Buy A Rental Property!

Property Investing is serious business. If you are eager to buy a rental property and become a landlord, there are some things you NEED TO KNOW in order to become successful.

Zip Codes And WHy They Matter

You GOTTA know the zip codes of wherever you are investing. In the current awesome world that we live in we can know SO much about the zip codes simply by a few keystrokes.

Wholesaling – The Eternal promise of Real Estate investing

I have done a presentation where I show how I have made money (about $75,000) in one case – simply by flipping contracts.

The Newbie Ivestor Tool kit

I am giving you the tools that I use on a daily basis in my business. Once my toolkit was finished I was much more efficient and making offers and locking them up and collecting checks.

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